WALK6863 Apr 07 2015  11-27-42  Fuquay Varina green heron fishing

I found the green heron stalking a fish
like his bigger cousin, the great blue heron, this smaller heron was lightening fast
he has a minnow in his bill, just above the splash of water droplets

WALK6801 Apr 07 2015  11-24-31  Fuquay Varina  green heron

besides being brilliantly attired, the small green heron is one of a very few tool-using birds
it drops sticks, leaves, insects, worms and even found bread crumbs on the water’s surface to lure fish into reach
the green heron is only with us for the spring through late summer – here to breed and raise young

WALK6884 C goose Yates 2014

Study in brown, grey and black with accents of white.