WALK6122 imm red-shoulder mill pond 2014

This immature red-shouldered hawk was chasing the belted kingfisher.
Both sped past me as I watched the speed display in awe.
I managed to photograph the hawk but not the kingfisher.

WALK5698 yearling Mattamuskeet eagle 2014 (1)

As this yearling eagle flew over the waters of Lake Mattamuskeet he started to furl his wings.
I hoped he would dive for whatever he was seeing – instead he flew on.

WALK4242 harrier dive 2014

Even against the grey sky the quick flash of the bright amber belly of a diving northern harrier is breath-taking.

WALK4195 - Version 2 2 harriers at dam 2014

These two northern harriers are almost mirror images –
the one in front is immature (female I think) and the one in back is a mature female.