Kate was on a mission to feed her chicks this morning while dad Petruchio waited in the nest with their family.  She left her perch about 1000 feet from me and she was in a hurry.  From the time she passed me, caught the fish and went past me again, passing back towards the nest, the trip took her all of 20 seconds.  I watched Kate catch two more fish in the next 15 minutes.  Those chick(s) were well-fed this morning.




CHALLENGE for a rainy Friday evening!  There are 26 bald eagles in this photo I made this morning from the MID-POINT of the riprap.  Can you find all 26 of them in the photo?  If you go to the lake to look, remember that MID-POINT distance because if you go further down the river riprap, the eagles will go further down river and you won’t get to see the glory of the Gathering. Keep at least 330 feet – a football field distance – away from non-breeding bald eagles.  Take your chair, sit, wait, the eagles will come to you.  Thank you for your patience and good seeking for the 26 eagles!!!


I sat down to pick a photo for tonight’s post – I had several decent action shots to look through. But, the very first photo of this morning caused me to pause and ponder.  Of late this world has been full of chaos and fear and anxiety. Way down the Haw River this immature bald eagle perched.  Quietly.  Waiting.  A living, breathing, vibrant silhouette giving me, and I hope you, a chance to just be still for a moment or two.   Enjoy the peace and grace, Doc Ellen.