Jordan Lake. You could say this pair of photos were literally “top” of my morning. Yes, the fledgling osprey is looking straight down the tree trunk at me and three other birders who were watching her. I leaned carefully back and pointed my camera straight up at her hoping she wouldn’t bolt! Don’t miss the fish she’s holding!

female osprey fledgling with the fish she caught

Jordan Lake. This fledgling osprey has only been flying about eight weeks. She managed to catch and carry a striped bass that is as long as she is. She never got more than about 2 feet above water. After resting on the log for three minutes she managed to lift the fish one more time and disappeared around the tree line from my sight.

Jordan Lake: So, Dad osprey landed rather close to me this morning. He grew quite quizzical when observing me. I wondered if he needed a different perspective on the world first thing this morning?

male osprey

Jordan Lake. The first time I saw a female osprey my mind said “Empress“. There is something about the mind set and obvious command pulsing from an adult female osprey that brings that imagery of royalty to me. Enjoy this Empress of Jordan Lake.