Jordan Lake. Sometimes I think it is good for all of us to slow down a wee bit … even a great blue heron! He takes a very slow sip and shakes the excess water off the end of his long beak. Then the heron gives us a lovely launch all in slow motion.

Great Blue Heron in Slow Motion

Jordan Lake: Yesterday we saw a Pine Warbler – as I described it – tumbling after an insect. One of my friends suggested that really the better adjective was to say that the warbler had launched. I certainly think that adjective could also apply to today’s photos. This great blue heron had perched way at the top of the pine tree. Suddenly he was up off the top and headed down. Truly a full wing, full force, headed down launch!

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: I was tracking the great blue heron, hoping it would cross in front of the trees with their fresh light green leaves and give me a nicely composed landscape photo. The heron obliged me and did just that. But, when I got home I found that another critter had managed to get photographed too! Have you found the squirrel yet?

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: sometimes Mother Nature makes me heartedly laugh! This great blue heron appears to have special antennae just for locating fish. But joyful laugher aside, the plumes are there because it is the start of breeding season and he has put on his finery. The season is also why his chest plumes are so extravagant. The wind tossed those special feathers every which way. Those plumes almost caused the extinction of herons and egrets in this country: back when ladies wore elaborate hats and wanted those feathers to add to their perceived finery.