Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River, Monday, August 10, 2020.  There was quite a game of sun ball at the lake this morning.  The Cloud Bears got rather full of themselves and the sun ball escaped over the fence.  Dad Cloud Bear caught the ball and I snapped a photo just as he was tossing the globe back onto the field.  My twelve-year-old heart enjoyed the game … and I hope you do to!

IMG_3018 ancient hand 2014

I thought it very kind of the river ogre to make the eastern phoebe a perch out of one of its spindly fingers.

_RK_4686 cypress gnome med2014

The soft whistling snore stopped me. There was a gnome, ears drooping, eyes shut and long nose slightly quivering.
I smiled, nodded good day to the tree bull guarding the gnome and eased away through the cypress swamp.

while on a ramble at the 2014 NC State Fair I chanced to meet some unusual and delightful creatures
I hope you will share the pleasure these creatures brought to me
and, oh, do watch for the Little Girl and the Long Legs…….

_RK_2328 mink and sun med 2014

Mink are known as fierce predators and I have glimpsed them at the lake.
But I didn’t expect to see one contemplating the dawn sun as perhaps a tasty morsel…

_RK_2195 ogre and cat and monkey2014

I watched, across the misty river, as a young ogre studied me – feet tucked under himself, cradling a white cat on his knees
wee monkey staring through the cat’s ears
and above the companions, the sad wistful eyes of the ogre