Having just added new photos to my print gallery (more than a dozen bird species), I want to say my heart-felt thanks to each of you who has bought a print from me in the past.  My thanks to those of you who check out my gallery site and consider making a purchase.  Each purchase helps me to continue my field studies at Jordan Lake and I do enjoy the studying.  However, my biggest joy is in the sharing with all of you what I observe at the lake. Thanks for considering a purchase.
Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen
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PS: Here is a sample from my newest collection Palette … and, yes, it is a photograph that the child-heart of me dreamed into a new vision…
(actual print does not have the watermark)

Today I got to watch something I had never seen before.
I was photographing a dam on the Cape Fear River when a fish leaped from the water –
angling up the face of the dam.
I then realized there were a lot of common carp in the frothing water
and some of them where throwing themselves upward.
I have no idea why, in the autumn (some do in spring migration), any fish would be trying to literally swim up river.
The common carp is an invasive species and destructive to the habitat used by our native fish.

to see a very short slide show go to https://flic.kr/p/MLmRjP


flowers for ditty

Spring has sprung
the grass has riz
I wonder where the posies is
why, here they tiz

a memory note: my late parents always gave each other a version, changing the last 2 lines, of this ditty each first day of Spring
they would hide their note for the other to find during the day

WALK6615 ruby-crown kinglet RUBY 2014

The “ruby” of the ruby-crowned kinglet was well displayed as this wee bird alerted to the approach of a human coming up the trail.