gliding rocker
three abreast
found by students
brought to rest
where ecology is taught

shadowing trees
stir my childhood memories
lazy reading days
stretched across scratchy pillows
one toe dangling pushing
creaking metal to and fro

how savory wafting fragrance
grandma’s biscuits and honeysuckle
still my mouth waters so
gliding rocker
brings memories decades old

IMG_1506 metal lawn rocker 2014

_RK_8540 groundcherry calyx 2014

the calyx of the cutleaf groundcherry, Physalis angulata, will ripen into a bright golden lantern that holds the small “cherry” fruit

IMG_7476 dam's tail 2014 (1)

I sat in the grass, silent, as the tail of the giant water cat appeared, emerging from the mass of Jordan Lake dam.