The red-tailed hawk rolled over and presented its talons to the pestering crow.
As the crow ducked under the upside down hawk, the hawk rolled back upright.
Suddenly the crow was the one being chased.

red-tail crow

I could sense the strong wingbeats as this eagle came into sight working for altitude as he carried the huge fish up and over the riverbank.

eagle huge fish

At the age of two years, this young eagle has quite a regal outlook on life.
He almost totally ignored me even though I was only about 200 feet from him.
His demeanor glowed in the golden hour light this morning.

2 yo bald eagle glare

Jordan Lake surprised me again today.
I had been counting bald eagles for the quarterly eagle count when a large bird of another sort flew past.
It was a white pelican. I see these occasionally at Mattamuskeet or at the ocean shore but not here at Jordan Lake.
What a wonderful sight on a crisp autumn morning.

pelican Jordan

As is my wont after the eagle fledglings get out and about,
I stop by the Jordan Lake Eagle nest occasionally to check on the nest.
I always hope to catch a glimpse of the parents or maybe the fledglings.
On September 19, having just snapped a photo of the empty nest for my files, I heard a familiar eagle scream.
Kate came barreling across the cove heading straight for the nest.
She piled into the nest still screaming. I glimpsed a fledgling on a perch across the cove.
The immature eagle was quiet and watching the parent bird have a fit.
As quickly as Kate got to the nest, she bounced out again, flew across the cove, past the fledgling and was gone.
I don’t know what started the ruckus, but it sure was great seeing Kate and one of the fledglings.

Kate leaving nest