Jordan Lake. It’s that time of the year when all kinds of moms think about future young ones. I watched Mom Squirrel make several dashing trips up and down various trees carrying leaves for making her nest. If you will notice she goes up a tree away from her nest tree then comes down the nest tree above the nest. That allows her to put the leaves in without having to climb over the edge of the nest. I think that’s pretty smart. I also think her fancy footwork is pretty neat.

Jordan Lake. I thought I would send you a little tiny snippet of what greeted me this morning here at Jordan lake. Hope you enjoy the pair of white-tail deer!

Footwork doesn’t have to be fast or fancy in order to bring satisfaction and contentment. Grayced often proves that point while I work on my photo editing.

Jordan Lake. Early this morning, North America‘s largest rodent swam calmly into view. The beaver picked up a stick far down the shoreline, slipped back into the water with it and swam away.

North American Beaver

Not at Jordan Lake… This is how my morning started. Grayced the Cat had been sitting quietly in my lap when we both heard a munch munch noise almost at my shoulder … 2 white-tailed bucks and a doe were happily having a feast of acorns right outside the window.