Ospreys go south for the winter, some go all the way to South America.
The adults leave first in the fall and then the fledgling females.
The young male ospreys are the last to leave the lake.
I caught this fledgling, hatched this year, fishing at the lake this morning.
With the freeze projected for tonight he may too be gone tomorrow.
Note his still orange fledgling eye and the white edging to his flight feathers – marks of a youngster.



With ALL of you
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The bald eagle noted my friend and I watching him.
Then in just about complete disregard for his flight trajectory over our heads,
he cocked his head and noted something on the lake below before flying over us and was gone.


This fledgling bald eagle seemed to be intent on scaring the two humans with their big cameras
as he made a great imitation of a B52 bomber on target.

Then feeling that he had properly put the fear of the bald eagle into us,
he dropped his left wing, turned and headed up the lake.