Sometimes, sometimes the wind fills your feathers.
Your blood runs hot in the cold winter air.
And, just because you can, you do a 180 º roll and drop into a loop.
The two year old bald eagle and I laughed together in the gusting wind.

WALK4584 01-10-16 @ 09-46-25 Ebenezer 2 yo twirl

Three-year old bald eagles and their mottled camouflage make trying to capture them with a camera difficult.
This one almost blends in with the water to the point of making my camera struggle with the focus.
She did get her fish and I got my shot.
Note the distinctive 3 year-old dark stripe through her eye.

WALK2977 01-06-16 @ 13-07-19 Haw

The 3 year old bald eagle, on the right, had been perched on the branch just below it.
The adult bald eagle, on the left, flew in, wanting the perch.
Both eagles were instantly in the air.
Talons a very real threat.
Ultimately both birds tumbled to the right with the 3 year old chasing the adult.WALK1591 01-02-16 @ 15-56-27 Haw

Come meet the Photographer

at the Jordan Lake Recreation Area Visitor Center

New photo gallery donated by Ellen Tinsley aka doc Ellen, will showcase the Bald Eagle. Doc Ellen is a retired veterinarian who has turned to nature photography as a new past time.  She spends numerous hours each week around the lake.  These are fantastic photos of our national emblem and is a must see for any birder or eagle enthusiast.  The best part, these eagles reside right here at Jordan Lake!

“My privilege is to watch, record the bald eagles almost daily and share my field notes with the rangers and scientists.  My gift to all of you, in thanks for the hours so gratefully and joyfully spent with the eagles of Jordan Lake is, in part, this gallery.”doc ellen

Visitor Center will be open from 2-4pm and doc ellen will be on hand for any questions.

Date of Event: Sat, 01/23/2016 – 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Start Location:

Jordan Lake State Recreation Area
280 State Park Road, Apex, NC 27523
Visitor Center


I was waiting for the clean-up volunteers from the Jordan Lake Wildlife Cam group when I had a visitor.
Wouldn’t you know, I had put my camera down to rest my arm when this face appeared in the water.
I weighed just watching or risking spooking the animal if I picked up my camera.
The river otter was as curious about me as I was about him and he swam in and looked me over.

river otter 1