Mom Loblolly at Big Pine nest. I did not see her mate Pitch this morning. Neither did I see an eagle close to the nest or nest tree. I will be checking again tomorrow.

The yellow arrow is pointing at Hershey at H&G nest. He was the one that was doing the incubating this morning. He is much smaller than his mate Godiva. So you have to look hard to see him just above the point of the yellow arrow and snugged up against the main trunk.

It was pretty darn cold this morning. I was startled to see coming up off the edge of the lake, out of the water, an ice cold ghost bald eagle. She was magnificent. I always enjoy it when I get to add to the legends of Jordan Lake! I hope you enjoy this legend too.

Jordan Lake: it is the first day of December 2021. I think since it’s also Wednesday, it would be a good time to have a mid-week smile! Up in the sky this morning, I found a ghost merganser flying. I’m not certain whether or not it was a hooded merganser or a red-breasted merganser but definitely one of those very sleek water birds. Smile! Take care, be safe, stay well.