I know you have had that feeling: you just know you are being watched …
I slowly turned my head.
Less than 100 feet from me Hershey was perched.
The photographer was the one now being observed.
As I steadied my hands for a shot I was sure would not soon be repeated, 
a fisherman came down the slope behind me and Hershey glanced past me.
I pressed the shutter button and Hershey lifted off the branch and was gone.

I want to say Thank You for all the wonderful responses to my 2 new eBooks and to the interview with Frank Stachio on The State of Things. During the eagle lecture at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area on Saturday there were all kinds of good questions and the sharing of each other’s interactions with eagles.  All of you helped make last week full of blessings and gratitude!

Lady Lake cruised past me, elegant and sure of herself.  
I didn’t see Heritage her mate but I am sure he was close by.

This bright American goldfinch was way at the top of a tree. Usually I see them in the tall grasses.

American crows, caught in the right light, are iridescent. This one had a bite of fish for his fledgling.

The male ospreys are working hard to feed their chicks.

Nests always need repair. Ospreys tend to like branches all twisted and with lots of forks.

When you have babies in the nest, 
your size and that of the potential predator doesn’t matter.
The parent eastern kingbird felt Hershey flew too close to the nest.
The small bird escorted the bald eagle all the way across the cove.
Hershey simply ignored the much smaller kingbird.
Size reference: the king bird is about the size of a robin.

H&G Nest
Hershey and Godiva were shuttling back and forth past me.
I am not sure what they were hauling – fish or otherwise…
I could hear their fledglings calling each time as the parents came into sight.
Hershey on his way to the nest with food tucked up against his tail.
Hershey with his second batch of food.
Godiva on her way to what ever the food source was…
I didn’t manage to get a shot of her with some of the meals – she went past twice.
LL&H nest
What a joy this morning to be able to see Heritage!  
Lady Lake wasn’t with him but hopefully she wasn’t far away.
I know that either Heritage and/or Lady Lake have visited their nest.  
I hope they repair it for next breeding season.
Heritage going past.